Poetry Collection

Venus in Pisces ~ Poetry from the Collective Heart

For me, art is a little like channeling Spirit (but more primal). Try picking up a pencil, a paintbrush or a piece of clay and let Spirit guide your hands. Connect to the soul of the world, and see yourself there in her very heart.

Note: All work is ©Copyright  by Grace Lindsay 2009-2018. Please provide a link to the original poem on this website if you wish to share it.

She was primal, child of the earth Her heart beat to the sound of drums Her dreams were lush like
The dust of things long dead fall through the light, Like Faerie flights between the louvered blinds, or, to a
Cut, splintered, like this mirror, all the pieces of me staring back. Looking past them to your picture lying underneath
"I am your worst nightmare" the little boy raised the sheet over his head and rushed the little girl, choking
In the center of everything appeared a light A beautiful truth that flowed like water It had always been there, but I
Wrapped in simplicity of inner truth Reflecting hearth fire feeding brightly On broken shards of never did become You stood
I stand and watch you fighting Bewildered, armed with death You thrust and parry, cleaving The space that held my
sirens scream boots clack taillights bleed in arterial streets around skeletal skyscrapers between the forgotten shadows the first gasp of
shocking... bold and bright colors looming into sight rush-hour rainbow arched above sodden lines of drivers so pre-occupied red, yellow,
One night I dreamed my friend was dying. Sitting, strumming his guitar, singing... He knew. When the wall of time
He thought so little of me I became small, So small I hardly knew me at all. His expectations of
Coming home at twilight storm clouds gently hued intrude upon me purple, mauve and blue reflect ego's bruise Whelming sorrow
Consider this... Godmind, waveform creation’s breath one light broken in prism colors each perspective another life Imagine… dreaming, we remain persistent,
Did you know I see the world like you? We stare at the crowd like tigers in a cage. Their