Client Testimonials



I love my clients and viewers!

Here is some of the wonderful feedback I have received for my tarot and astrology readings.

“Thank you Grace. This reading totally resonates with me. I know exactly what I need to do now. Many blessings. Love and light.” ~A.H.

“Dearest Grace, thank you for a great heads up reading…You were spot on!”  ~Renee H.

“Thank you so much for the reading!!!! Following your advice Grace and trying to stay positive!!!!! And wanna let you know your personal reading was spot on!!!!!!” ~A. L.

“Thank you for you’re amazing super accurate readings.” ~Isabel A.

“Your assessments and insights are so correct and spot on that it is uncanny! I am grateful.” ~Carol G.

“Amazing and profound – thank you Grace for your time, channeling the spiritual advice.” ~R.H.

“Hi Grace I really enjoy my video reading from you. So I am ordering another reading…Thanks again!” ~Diana D.

“It really resonated with me…thank you.” ~Delia

“I just want to tell you once again how gifted you are.” ~E,

“I love your work…Thank you” ~Anna

“I have been listening/watching your YouTube readings since Nov of this past year and can honestly tell you that you are a gifted reader/astrologer. There are many tarot readers out there but you are one of the best. ~Ellen R.

“Hi Grace…you are so accurate it’s scary!!” ~Max

“Thank you…it gave me the answers in affirmative of what I needed to know.” ~Hanna

“Thank you so much for your awesome reading!” ~M.N.

“Amazing reading! Perfect in every way.” ~L.G.

“Great Reading! I totally enjoyed the reading it resonates.” ~W.L.

“You are gifted! Thank You for Your Insightful Reading…Spot On!!!!” ~K.B.

“That reading brought me great clarity . Thank you so very much.” ~J.R.

“Great reading thank you very much” ~R.W.

“I just wanted to say your reading is very accurate from beginning to end.”  ~F.T.

“You are fantastic, thank you so much!” Steph C.

“You are brilliant Grace! Many thanks for the reading! Everything you have said is completely true!” ~Jules

“I love the energy, humor and truth you give out. It’s pure, thank you! As for the reading you are spot on with so many things.” ~Tracy D.

“Thank you for your reading Grace, it’s all true.” ~B.B.

“WOW!! You are amazing!!! This all happened…” ~J.H.

“Unbelievably accurate.” ~Patricia P.

“Thank you for your reading. It helped me a lot with the situation I’m in at the moment.” ~A.F.

“Thanks for a beautiful reading. I hope it comes to pass for me.” ~Isabel G.

“Great reading!” ~D.C

“Spot on! keep up the good job and thank you so much.” ~S.M.

“Great reading!” ~J.B.

“You are incredible! You are so spot on.” ~Rosemary G.

“That was an outstanding reading.” ~Milton G.

“Fantastic reading…needed your words of wisdom and energy.” ~C.Y.

“Your readings are amazing.” ~Alex B.

“Hard to hear but so very, very true. Thanks.” ~Angela R.

“You’re awesome!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world” Michele H.

“Thank you Grace. Very insightful.” ~Beatrice T.

“Ridiculously accurate!” ~Debbie H.

“Spot on reading….thank you.” ~Debbie I.

“Everything you said is true !” ~Jabina C.

“I love your advice, its wonderful!” ~Mary S.

“Very accurate!” ~Linda. V.

“Spot on! Thank you :)” ~Tere M.

“Amazing read everything is dead on.” ~Leslie C.

“Love your reading, very fresh and different and resonates with my situation all around.” ~Kimberly F.

“Very accurate reading.” ~June A.

“Lots of pertinent information! Thank you for providing such an extensive, thoughtful reading! Take care. Love and light!” ~A

“Amazing. Right on all counts.” ~Ron G.

“You blow my mind…” ~Teresina S.

“Thank you for the beautiful reading.” ~Jo P.

“Thank You so much I really appreciate it!” ~Jacinda F.

“A big thank you for that were so right. Many blessing you truly are gifted.” ~Mary G.

“Beautiful and detailed reading. Thank you.” ~Athena N.

“This was an amazing reading and definitely accurate so far.” ~Kandace F.

“Uncannily accurate.” ~Stephanie N.

“You are so good, I cant believe how accurate that was :)” ~Damian D.

“Wow you are amazing!!!” ~Widerte R.