Relationship Report

Couples Relationship Report (Audio recording)

This report explores the beauty of the relationship, its strengths and how to work through any issues. My astrological reports are all personalized and designed directly by me. I will look at both birth charts, the overlay charts and interconnections of planets and the combined chart. Please state in your order the current status of the relationship. If the couple are already together this is a good overview of the strengths in the relationship and how to make the most of them. It will also point out some issues that need to be worked through. If the couple are not together, it can indicate the potential strengths and drawbacks if a relationship is started, however it cannot predict whether the attraction will be enough to start the relationship. For best accuracy, include the exact birth time of each partner. Otherwise, I will use your solar charts. If you do not know your birth time you can obtain the “long version” of your birth certificate at

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