Poem: Halflight 4

The dust of things long dead fall through the light, Like Faerie flights between the louvered blinds, or, to a duller mind, not so entranced, wee galaxies of brushed-off matter dance around the confines of my […]

Poem: Recognition

Did you know I see the world like you? We stare at the crowd like tigers in a cage. Their dead eyes judge us pitiful, But the bars wrap all around them. Sometimes I hurt like […]

Poem: We are One

Consider this… Godmind, waveform creation’s breath one light broken in prism colors each perspective another life Imagine… dreaming, we remain persistent, weave and re-weave patterns unforeseen in lucid reverie. Possible? to surprise fate vulnerable, pure the heart rises […]

Poem: Coming home at twilight

Coming home at twilight storm clouds gently hued intrude upon me purple, mauve and blue reflect ego’s bruise Whelming sorrow gathers drops accumulate oblate and shatter like the worlds I make liquesced in the rain Lightning […]

Poem: The Choice

He thought so little of me I became small, So small I hardly knew me at all. His expectations of me were low as the grave, So I tried to fulfill in my usual way. I […]

Poem: When The Wall Came Crashing Down

One night I dreamed my friend was dying. Sitting, strumming his guitar, singing… He knew. When the wall of time crashed in my mind, I knew. He was there, in threads of being, telling me what […]