Poem: Tilting at Windmills

“I am your worst nightmare” the little boy raised the sheet over his head and rushed the little girl, choking expletives with guttural explosions of breath, glaring. She screamed and ran back a few steps, laughing […]

Poem: Shadow Boxing with a Virgo

I stand and watch you fighting Bewildered, armed with death You thrust and parry, cleaving The space that held my breath But I have long surrendered My words have turned to sand The sword that wounds […]

Poem: The Hidden Truth

In the center of everything appeared a light A beautiful truth that flowed like water It had always been there, but I did not see it I tried to name it but words became thorns Tangling up the meanings and stinging […]

Poem: Taurus Moon

Wrapped in simplicity of inner truth Reflecting hearth fire feeding brightly On broken shards of never did become You stood it all, the bull no one can move I am witness, your soul and lasting love […]