Tarot Reading (Video)

Heart Spread
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This is for any subject, such as love, career, health, etc. and is suitable for one question. A spread of up to 12 cards will be used. You will need to choose a time but there is no meeting. I will record the video and upload it within 24 hours of the time chosen. to a URL only you know about. Note that recordings may be deleted from the server after 72 hours. Duration of recording may vary.  Please read the policies section before ordering.

Common tarot spreads include:
** Celtic Cross layout (good for general questions)
** Heart of the Relationship (for existing relationships)
** Conflict resolution (for existing relationships)
** Looking for Love (singles)
** Soul Mate/Twin Flame
** Career Advice (strengths, helpers, challenges, etc.)
** Money (sources of increase, timing, advice)
** Health Advice (chakras, life purpose, body healing)
** Making a Decision (between two or three options)

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