About Grace

GraceGrace Lindsay
Psychic, Astrologer, Life Coach, Certified Reiki Healer (Level 3, Usui Lineage)

Hello, my name is Grace and I am a teacher, healer and counselor. I have been a spiritual seeker all of my life, studying various religions and philosophies. I communicated with spirit since I was a child, but for many years it was hard to trust my intuition due to childhood abuse and broken boundaries. For the last two decades I have been working with the tarot, astrology, runes and other forms of spiritual communication. I started reading professionally for others in 2015, and I have been growing in my service since that time. I work every day to maintain and further develop my spiritual energy and communication with my guides.

I have chosen symbolic tools like the tarot and astrology to communicate with Spirit, Some people who seek out astrology or tarot readings think that there is a fixed future and they want me to tell them what that is. However, I believe that we create our reality and no fate is fixed in stone. Therefore my readings do not predict the future. Rather, they suggest the current plot development of a story that the client is in the process of writing – the story of their own life. How that story ends is always up to the individual. I believe strongly in prayer, and encourage my clients to pray regularly to their higher power, asking for what they need. My own prayers are usually directed to Jesus Christ, although my philosophy is non-judgmental. Ultimately, I believe there is only one God, one Consciousness and one Love, of which we are all a part.

If I could give the seeker only one piece of advice, I would say “Ask, Trust and Receive”. Ask for higher guidance even if you don’t believe in it yet, it will come eagerly to your doorstep. Trust in the divine to guide you on the correct path, even if that path goes against what you were taught to believe is “real”. Receive what you are given, knowing that you are never forced to do or be anything that does not feel right and true.  There is nothing in the universe more important for you than to be the person you were meant to be, and that is still being discovered. If you get lost, remember to listen to your heart and to follow the “golden rule” of treating others as you would like to be treated.

Namaste, blessings and much love to you on your journey.