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Why Can’t I Manifest My Goals?

You say your affirmations every day. You made your vision board and look at it frequently. You visualize your objective before going to sleep at night. You watch The Secret and listen to Abraham Hicks until your ears ring. And yet…that great relationship or job or wad of cash that you are salivating over seems to stay just out of reach. What’s wrong?

If you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction or similar techniques, fear not! I will be going over ways to manifest your goals in future articles and videos. For now, understand that this article assumes that we all manifest automatically through our mental and emotional state of being. We attract things into and out of our lives by changing our vibrational state. We can do this consciously or unconsciously.

If you already understand how to manifest your goals and it is working for you than keep doing what you are doing. It really doesn’t matter whether you follow LOA, listen to motivational speakers, do midnight rituals to pagan gods, or pray to your higher power. Your method is kind of irrelevant as long as it works and doesn’t throw you in jail. This article is about when it doesn’t, and what to do about it.

It took a lot of hit or miss experiences for me to get a handle on this. Something I had only just become aware of desiring would manifest so unexpectedly I missed the opportunity. The next thing would take forever or not show up at all. Or I would get that great money or job opportunity out of the blue (sometimes without even applying) but then some time later the opportunity would dry up without any clear reason. Of course, I would do the most unhelpful thing – I would keep asking, “Why is it like this? What did I do wrong?”

It doesn’t help that I suck at keeping a schedule and doing all the stuff you are *supposed* to do regarding manifesting. Frankly, it requires work, and the biggest part of the work is staying consistently positive and mentally healthy. I seem to be able to do that for others, but when it comes to my own life, it is sometimes a struggle. Last year my guides decided to let me wander around in confusion bumping my head on the walls for a while until I finally got some sense knocked into me. They reminded me of how infinitely powerful I am by forcing me to make my own decisions without much guidance. In the process I think I discovered some interesting things about how we manifest our goals, and why we don’t.

Here are some things I found do not work:


1. Slapping a Smile on a Rotten Mental Attitude

A positive attitude is essential to accessing your spiritual power and manifesting your goals. However, a fake positive attitude is of minimal value. There are many techniques for improving your mental state such as meditation, expressing gratitude, affirmations and so on. But what if you don’t know you have a negative attitude? The negative thought patterns may be so far beneath the surface that you don’t even know they are there. Sometimes that is because you haven’t become aware enough of your own thoughts and words. If I had a dollar for every time I was told I was being negative when I thought I was going out of my way to be positive I would be vacationing in Bali this year. It isn’t about lying to ourselves, it is about becoming the loving, powerful beings we always were. Don’t pretend to be happy; work on being happy, and a positive mental attitude will naturally follow.

Sometimes the subconscious mind is very powerful. For example, I have a fear of success. There were times in my childhood when I was feeling happy and anticipating something good, then an adult or event would crush my hopes and dreams through abuse, neglect or loss. Those events triggered a subconscious fear that everything good I accomplished was going to be ripped away. As a result, I kept recreating such experiences over and over in life. The more bad things happened, the more justified my fear became. At one point I actually thought I was cursed. It really wasn’t until I fully understood and accepted myself for this behavior that I was able to let it go. I freely admit now that I am terrified of success, but I am also thrilled at the chance to dare it anyway.


2. Being Jealous – Yes it Really is Easier for Some People so Get Over it

Actually, we are all equally capable. We are manifesting all the time. We manifest things we want or things we don’t want, but we do it through our attention, belief, emotions, and mental attitude followed by action or reaction. Some people are just naturally more positive and confident in their abilities, so they create good experiences. You can easily see this in astrology; they will usually have Jupiter or Venus prominent in their chart, or other indications of a positive nature.

An example is my eldest brother (a Sagittarius). He had a fun, adventurous job throughout his life and retired with tons of money. He has a gorgeous, loving wife and they spend their retirement traveling around the world. He worked his butt off to get his success and he suffered through difficult situations, but whenever I talk to him he glosses over that and genuinely seems to see things in the most positive light. Yes, he is blessed, but that doesn’t mean he started with something the rest of us don’t have or that he had to work any less. He just believed he could do it, whereas many of us doubt ourselves and give up.

Jealousy is a poisonous emotion which prevents us from believing in our own success. Life may not seem fair all the time, but we all have the ability to use our minds to improve our lives. On a spiritual level at least, I believe that life is supremely just, and it is only a small step from the spiritual to the physical.


3. Believing That Belief is All You Need 

Ignoring the credit card bills won’t make them go away. Wishing for more money when you aren’t producing anything worth paying for is pretty unrealistic. Expecting admiration when you are not doing anything exceptional is unfair to others. It is important to take effective action toward your goals if you expect to take advantage of the opportunities that the universe is bringing your way.

Some things manifest quickly just by shifting your focus, others take a lot more effort. If that effort is done with love it produces results quicker and bypasses a lot of blockages. If you love the idea but you don’t love the tasks involved in manifesting the idea, try expressing generosity. Often, doing something for another without expectation of return puts you in the flow of manifestation easily.

I do not find the “bury your head in the sand” technique helpful. A lot of people who follow the Law of Attraction recommend ignoring the problems and focusing only on what makes you feel good. I think that is good advice up to a point, it really does work if you do it right. But, I have a great capacity for living in my own fantasy world. I need to see the problem to focus on the solutions, otherwise the bills just keep piling up and nothing gets done. What is effective for me is taking an honest look at the situation and coming up with a plan. If I can’t think of a plan, I write down what I would like to happen and what I am willing to do for it.  Dwelling anxiously on how to fix the problem is counter-productive, instead I try to focus on solutions. Then I try to follow it up with passionate action, which leads us to the next no-no.


4. Lacking Passion

Passion is the fuel of manifestation. I know a friend who actually manifested a great deal of money simply out of anger and frustration over her financial situation. Anger is not the healthiest motivator, but without passion it is hard to make changes. Sometimes people have to reach rock bottom and realize they have lost everything before they are free to start succeeding again. At that point their passion for gain is finally greater than their fear of loss.

Many times, I have seen myself and others begin to manifest their goals, perhaps by starting a new business or hobby, but then they could not generate enough enthusiasm for the tasks involved to keep at it. They had a vision of something that made them happy but when they tried to implement the vision it no longer brought joy. The passion was gone. Sometimes this is because that activity or dream is not what the person truly wants, but often it is simply blocked energy. The blocked energy comes from an assumption or misconception about the work.

For example, the person may have started a new exercise routine. The first few days are difficult; they haven’t lost any weight yet and their schedule is in disarray. They then begin thinking, “If I continue this program, I will not have any time for fun or seeing friends, and I will never lose the weight anyway.” This conflicting thought now takes hold and blocks the energy needed to keep working on the exercise program. However, if they notice the conflicting thought and disprove it by creating a schedule or talking to other people about their results with the program, their energy and enthusiasm might be instantly unblocked. Even the thought, “This is difficult,” or “I have no time for this,” can kill the passion for a project.


5. Lacking the Key to Manifestation 

Our last ineffective habit of manifestation is absence of the one thing that actually works. The only truly important thing in manifestation, or indeed in life, is connection to source. You may think of it as being centered, being connected to your higher self, or faith in God. When we lose this connection, we lose the joy, confidence, belief, power, and passion for life. Without this connection our ability to benefit others is diminished. We lose energy and optimism and obstacles seem insurmountable.

Everything changes the instant you are aligned with source. When you are connected, centered, and balanced, you are invincible. Negative thoughts fall away, replaced with gratitude and joy. There are no limits or boundaries because you realize you are made of spirit and light. People and events just naturally flow toward your goals. Actions become nearly effortless because you are feeling good.

You may be wondering, how can I reach this wonderful state? You already have! Think back to any moment when you felt happiness, love, and gratitude. You were connected to source, because you were resonating at the same vibration of divine energy. Eastern religion has made a big deal out of “becoming enlightened”, but actually I think it is just a state of being that we flow in and out of all the time. All of the techniques you have learned such as meditation, yoga, positive thinking, gratitude, faith, forgiveness, worship… all teach you how to let go of the false belief that material existence is more real than your relationship to divine source. Personal fulfillment and the ability to transmute all negative experiences into beauty, grace, and abundance are found in that connection. The material blessings will then naturally manifest from this connection as an expression of your inner being and your own divine nature.

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Grace is a spiritual counselor and teacher. She works with tarot, energy healing, astrology and other methodologies to help people reach their full potential. Grace runs the Sun Queen Astrology and Tarot YouTube channel.

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