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Are You Grounded?

If you have been exploring metaphysics or spiritual topics for a while you have probably heard about the need to be “grounded”. Spiritual grounding could be described as an acceptance of the here and now combined with a feeling of safety. When one is “grounded” it is possible to use the imagination and psychic senses to explore many possible realities and timelines without harm. It is also possible to expand beyond one’s human programming and merge with the higher self. But if one is ungrounded such expansion of the mind can result in fear, anxiety and confusion. Even if one is not particularly spiritual, it is easy to become ungrounded when the emotions pull us astray, such as when losing one’s self within a relationship or thinking too much about how other people view us. Everyone can benefit from learning to stay grounded on a daily basis, but it is crucial for those exploring any type of psychic work.

yogagrassConnect with the Earth

In guided meditations for grounding, you will usually be taught to connect with the earth ­­­in some fashion. For example, a common visualization is to imagine a cord reaching down from the bottom of the feet through the earth to the planetary center. The cords reach a golden pool of light, something like golden lava, which travels back up to your body. The feeling of this light is very pleasant and comforting. As it travels through your body it clears all of your energy centers. As it gets to the crown chakra at the top of your head it falls back down over the body embracing you with Gaia’s warmth and love. It is also helpful to envision a white light from the Galactic center (or from your angels and guides) coming down from the crown of the head through your body, clearing all of your chakras and balancing all of your energy bodies.  Working with the body’s energy centers (called chakras) will keep you grounded if you do it daily. If you are not familiar with chakras, you may want to read the blog article on chakras that you can find on my website.

rocktowerThe reason for connecting to the earth is due to the fact that earth energy is calming. Also, I believe many psychics would agree that Gaia (Mother Earth) is an actual entity, worth of respect and devotion for all of the care that she provides. Gaia maintains our physical reality for us and provides for our body’s needs. Connecting to earth reminds us that we are here in this particular time and place, not floating off in another dimension. Have you ever had a dream that seemed very real, but you were in a completely different place? Perhaps you even tried to “wake up” or escape, but felt you could not within the dream. Grounding reminds you that you can safely dream, visualize or have psychic experiences without losing yourself or becoming stuck. It is analogous to being in a dream but being fully lucid and certain of who you are and how to get back to reality.

Grounding and Relationships

In my counseling sessions, I sometimes work with people who are ungrounded over a relationship or other situation in their lives. If I do a psychic reading for them, it may show that what they really want or need is not anything like what they think they want. This is because they have lost themselves inside the issue, and they have forgotten who they are. A part of them is floating somewhere in the astral realm, in an alternate reality. They may also not be seeing the other people in their lives accurately. They are instead seeing them as the beings in their alternate reality. If they are particularly empathic, they may even be feeling the other person’s unconscious emotions to the point that they fulfill their expectations instead of their own. For anyone who finds themselves “lost” in a relationship or extremely anxious over a life situation, the first thing I recommend is to get grounded and clear the auric energy.


flyingHow Do You Know When You’re Ungrounded?

It is pretty easy to tell when you are very ungrounded because you feel unsettled. You may be angry, fearful, antsy, foggy headed, bored or even joyful but the common denominator is that you are not happy in your physical body. If you are traveling outside your body (through imagination or psychic questing) you do not want to come back, and if you are not traveling then you want to climb out of your own skin. A quick way to tell if you are currently grounded is to simply breathe deeply in and out and drop your thoughts. If it is hard for you to stop thinking, you can focus on an object in front of you such as a candle, or just focus on your breathing. If you find this reasonably easy to do and you feel calm and settled, you are not far “away” from your body – you are fairly grounded. If you find it a struggle to focus and stay calm while doing this exercise, then there is likely a problem.

Below are some of the more common symptoms associated with a lack of earth energy. If you have several of the symptoms listed below, you need to become more grounded.

  • Forgetfulness
  • Lack of attention or focus
  • Daydreaming a lot
  • Inability to keep track of time
  • Mental confusion
  • Balance issues (clumsiness)
  • Sensitivity issues (hating sunlight or darkness, getting hot or cold easily, inability to wear certain fabrics, sensitivity to certain sounds, allergies, etc.)
  • Paranoia, feeling of being watched, unreasonable fear of death or judgment, anxiety attacks not related to other causes. Actually any debilitating feeling of fear indicates an imbalance, even if warranted.
  • Absorbing negative energy due to lack of boundaries (sudden irritability, sadness, etc.)
  • Absorbing positive energy due to neediness (vampirism)
  • Nervous or restless, like having too much caffeine (which contributes to lack of grounding).
  • Related symptoms can include depression, chronic fatigue, dizziness, problems with the eyes, lethargy, getting sick frequently, nausea or bloating, eating disorders and sleep disorders.

 two_girlsHow to Become More Grounded

The best way to clear up these issues in the long term is to eat well, meditate daily, do regular exercise including stretching such as yoga, and most importantly clear the chakra energy centers regularly. If you follow these practices, you should become more grounded as a matter of course. However, sometimes a quicker solution is needed.

Below is a list of grounding activities. A quick search on Google should reveal not only more options but also more detailed explanations of how to use these tools and methods.

  • Chakra clearing and balancing exercises. You can start with my blog article on chakras for an introduction. I mention some additional reading material in that article also.
  • Connect to Earth through cording and light coming from the feet, as I described above. Another visualization I use is to imagine myself as a tree with my roots traveling deep into the earth and my branches able to reach the stars above. All visualizations should be accompanied with regular deep breathing and relaxation.
  • Connect to Source or God through divine light coming from the crown of the head. First ask your favorite deity, God, or divine Source to heal and ground you. Let the light flow down over the body clearing all of the chakras, connect to the source of earth, then flow back up through the body mixing the energies. Again, use regular deep breathing and relaxation.
  • Envision a mesh filter composed of divine light traveling up (or down) the body, removing all heavy or negative energies. This can also be done physically with a copper ring or a crystal grid.
  • Use white sage or another smudge stick to clear the aura with smoke. Some people like to mix the sage with lavender. You can use calming incense instead of sage.
  • Use crystals such as black tourmaline or black obsidian. Some other good grounding stones are black andradite garnet (or melanite), black diopside, hematite, bloodstone, red jasper etc. I use bracelets, necklaces and loose stones which I can rub between my hands.
  • Use a black candle scented with Sandalwood or another type of oil that you find cleansing. The reason for the choice of black is to draw away negative energy, but a white candle will also work for this exercise.
  • Use essential oils like peppermint, lemon, eucalyptus, or whatever counteracts the issue you are having. Choose oils that promote wakefulness if you are spacey, calm if you are anxious, and so on. You can put the oil in a diffuser or oil burner, mix with a base oil and rub on the hands or use it in some other creative way. Beware of using essential oils directly on the skin as they can cause irritation.
  • Take a salt bath, using either natural sea salt or Epsom salt (combine with oils or crystals for best effect, but be careful about irritating oils).
  • Literally walk or lie on the earth, hug a tree or be in nature. Just being around trees or large rocks can bring immediate results.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and it has been of some use to you. Please see my web site or other social media for more free articles, psychic readings and astrological information.






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