Poem: Goddess 9

She was primal, child of the earth
Her heart beat to the sound of drums
Her dreams were lush like the jungle
She danced naked under the moon

Her colors shifted in the starlight
Mysterious in her sincerity
And offensive to those who control
Who cage and tame the wild things

When she was young they said
“You are desirable and ripe
For exploitation, therefore dance,
But only to the steps we choose.”

Greedy for her fruitfulness, they
Impregnated her with law and duty,
And covered her with coarse cloth.
No longer could she see the stars.

They said "You are now a mother
You must not dance upon the earth
You must not sing under the rain
Lest your body tempt us with evil.”

Yet she gave birth to joyful children,
As free and lovely as her dreams.
And men condemned their wildness,
And shunned their purity of heart.

They said "Your children must be tamed.
They must not evoke the darkness
Of things we do not understand
In their appearance, deeds and words."

So she walked along the ocean shore,
Hair like silver, her face a map of years.
She danced naked under the moon,
And called her children out of bondage.

Those who heard rose up and cried
"We are the wild things that dance
Beneath the mysterious sky,
Free to see the stars, to run, to be.”

They ran to the moonlit waves, and called
“Where has the fire of our mother gone?
Where is she who calls all things alive?
Whose beauty is like the sun over water?”

But all they found of her was stardust,
Swirling, dancing in the moonlight,
Calling softly in the sound of waves,
Reminding them of who they were.

She is primal, child of the earth,
Her heart beats to the sound of drums,
Her dreams are lush like the jungle,
She dances freely inside your heart.

Copyright 2003-2015 Grace Lindsay. This is an original work by Grace, if you wish to publish it please contact her. Please provide attribution and a link to the original article.

About Grace

Grace is a spiritual counselor and teacher. She works with tarot, energy healing, astrology and other methodologies to help people reach their full potential. Grace runs the Sun Queen Astrology and Tarot YouTube channel.

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9 thoughts on “Poem: Goddess

  • Hope vigil-alvarez

    Also, sorry, should have included in last e-mail, I run a small poetry group on Facebook, Free Your Mind Poetry Group. It would be an honor to share your poem with the group. This poem includes all the things I believe in.

    hope vigil-alvarez

    • Grace Post author

      Of course Vigil, send me a link to the group and perhaps I will join it myself. You are welcome to share it as long as you include my attribution at the bottom.

  • Hope Vigil-Alvarez

    Moon child
    Running wild
    Where will your path
    The moon changes
    You change
    Shall we follow you to
    Destinies unknown
    As you break free
    To dance, naked-wild
    Under the moon again
    Can darkness cloak
    Your many desires
    Will they succeed
    In putting out
    Your fires
    Will they judge
    Your carefree
    Or will you
    Teach them
    To dance
    Like you
    Innocent and naked
    Wild and free


    Copyright 6/12/2016 Hope Vigil-Alvarez

    Poet’s note: the line “she danced naked under the moon” also exists in the poem “Goddess” by Grace Lindsay. Dancing naked under the moon is said to be a common ritual for witches.

  • Hope Vigil-Alvarez

    Thank-you Grace Lindsay! I’m not sure how to list the group link, but if you go to facebook and type in free your mind poetry group, it should pop up, thank-you so much for responding 🙂

  • Nikki Peace

    Hello I would love to use your Goddess poem, giving you credit of course, for a Facebook post showing a video of my new tattoo of lovely tree Beatle ladies dancing to the Goddess Moons. Please let me know if you’re okay with that.

    • Grace Post author

      Hi Nikki, I am glad you like the poem. You can post the link to the poem in Facebook, but it cannot be modified and it needs attribution. Thanks and have a great day!