Poem: Taurus Moon



 Wrapped in simplicity of inner truth
 Reflecting hearth fire feeding brightly
 On broken shards of never did become
 You stood it all, the bull no one can move
 I am witness, your soul and lasting love
 Your horns remain pure and un-defiled
 Though they might have gutted those
 Who tried to force you to their ways
 And now, my prince, my love, my all
 Be exalted in divine, undying strength
 Be robed in blue silk and royal purple
 Be carried on the backs of those who live
 Because you gave your all to aid them
 Step up and take the chariot’s reins
 To draw the Sun and Moon together
 And bring this epic story to a close
 With one simple word of truth
 Bring down the walls of corruption


Copyright 2003-2015 Grace Lindsay. This is an original work by Grace, if you wish to publish it pleasecontact her.

About Grace

Grace is a spiritual counselor and teacher. She works with tarot, energy healing, astrology and other methodologies to help people reach their full potential. Grace runs the Sun Queen Astrology and Tarot YouTube channel.

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