Poem: When The Wall Came Crashing Down

One night I dreamed my friend was dying.
 Sitting, strumming his guitar, singing...
 He knew.
 When the wall of time crashed in my mind,
 I knew.

He was there, in threads of being,
 telling me what he was seeing.
 A vast sun...
 within its golden streams
 all loves, endeavors, dreams, all passions.
 His voice whispering that I
 need never be alone or frightened.

Listen, he said, and you will hear.
 I listened, and he was everywhere.
 Radio, TV, the bookstore, the mall,
 Whispered synchronicities.

I said, "get out of my head."
 But he came inside and opened my eyes,
 melted my heart while my soul realigned.
 And I learned...
 love is not a feeling, love is all there is.

Copyright 2003-2015 Grace Lindsay. This is an original work by Grace, if you wish to publish it please contact her. Please provide attribution and a link to the original article.

About Grace

Grace is a spiritual counselor and teacher. She works with tarot, energy healing, astrology and other methodologies to help people reach their full potential. Grace runs the Sun Queen Astrology and Tarot YouTube channel.

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