Poem: We are One


Consider this...
 Godmind, waveform
 creation’s breath
 one light broken
 in prism colors
 each perspective
 another life

 dreaming, we
 remain persistent,
 weave and re-weave
 patterns unforeseen
 in lucid reverie.

 to surprise fate
 vulnerable, pure
 the heart rises
 beyond hate
 beyond fear
 all bets are off
 as something remakes
 what was

 in the end
 inevitable and fair
 when many join
 realize the one
 the enemy inside
 no escaping

Copyright 2003-2015 Grace Lindsay. This is an original work by Grace, if you wish to publish it please contact her.

About Grace

Grace is a spiritual counselor and teacher. She works with tarot, energy healing, astrology and other methodologies to help people reach their full potential. Grace runs the Sun Queen Astrology and Tarot YouTube channel.

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