Poem: Recognition


Did you know I see the world like you?
 We stare at the crowd like tigers in a cage.
 Their dead eyes judge us pitiful,
 But the bars wrap all around them.

Sometimes I hurt like you do too.
 Like the rain inside could drown all life,
 And wash away a thousand dreams.
 For all the reasons, I can’t say why.

I hate looking in the mirror just like you.
 Wish I could shatter it all over the floor,
 Scoop up the sparkling pieces of me,
 And make myself again from scratch.

I have a hidden closet inside, like you.
 Frightened child, lost in memories.
 I never knew she was locked in there,
 Until I saw her mirrored in your eyes.

Please know, I tried to break your chains.
 With stumbled words and whispered prayers.
 Each time you falter from the pain,
 I’m here, just call my name.

Copyright 2003-2015 Grace Lindsay. This is an original work by Grace, if you wish to publish it please contact her.

About Grace

Grace is a spiritual counselor and teacher. She works with tarot, energy healing, astrology and other methodologies to help people reach their full potential. Grace runs the Sun Queen Astrology and Tarot YouTube channel.

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