September Astrology Overview

September Astrology Forecast – All Systems Go! Hello, friends! It’s a new month, and it’s going to be an exciting  one. Mercury and Mars went direct near the end of August, helping to lift brain fog, fatigue […]

5 Ways To Stop The Momentum of Negative Thoughts

  One irritation leads to another, then another, and suddenly like a wildfire, your emotions are out of control and you can’t find your way back to just feeling “good” again. People who struggle with this […]

AUG 13-19 Weekly Report – Updates & News

Hello lovely ones! This last week was an exciting one at Sun Queen! We released the first few videos in a new Reiki Healing series to promote health and joy. Distance Reiki is a method that allows […]

August Astrology Overview

Welcome to August, my friends! There is a lot going on astrologically this month. Mercury is currently retrograde, and as always this can signal more technological and communication snafus. Mars is still retrograde and if you […]

Why Law of Attraction Might Not Be Working For You 2

Why Can’t I Manifest My Goals? You say your affirmations every day. You made your vision board and look at it frequently. You visualize your objective before going to sleep at night. You watch The Secret […]

Newest Pick a Card Readings!

Spirit, your guides, and your higher self are always working to bring you the answers you need in whatever way they can. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath and trust your intuition to guide […]