Two Questions (80-90 minutes)

Heart SpreadThis reading contains two full spreads of about twelve cards each (or smaller spreads for more questions). It is suitable for any two subjects, such as love, career, health, etc. I will choose layouts based on your question. If you have more than one question, the layouts will have to be smaller for each unless you add extra time. If you prefer a particular tarot deck such as those I use on my YouTube channel, please let me know in your order. Please read the policies section before ordering. Common tarot spreads include:
** Celtic Cross layout (good for general questions)
** Heart of the Relationship (for existing relationships)
** Conflict resolution (for existing relationships)
** Looking for Love (singles)
** Soul Mate/Twin Flame
** Career Advice (strengths, helpers, challenges, etc.)
** Money (sources of increase, timing, advice)
** Health Advice (chakras, life purpose, body healing)
** Making a Decision (between two or three options)

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