Astrology Consultations & Reports

Astrology consultations are available through live meeting or via written report, and may involve drawing up several charts.

I am an empath and spiritual counselor. I have been a spiritual seeker all of my life, studying various religions and philosophies. For nearly two decades I have been working with the tarot, astrology, runes and other forms of spiritual communication. I  began doing readings professionally in 2015.

Astrology in my opinion is not something that compels us, but rather a reflection of the existing flow of energy.  If you were navigating a small boat down a river, you may indeed think that you were at the mercy of the river. But if your life was at stake, you would probably find a way to steer that boat away from the rocks. In a similar way, we may sometimes feel that we are at the mercy of “fate”. But in fact, we do have options.

In my understanding God intends that we co-create our lives and no “fate” is ever written in stone.  In fact, I live by Grace, so any karmic mess that we have embroiled ourselves in is able to be transcended in my view. The best way to get what you truly desire is to ask for it directly from your higher power.  For me, that higher power is Jesus Christ, although my philosophy is very non judgmental and inclusive of diversity in faith and lifestyle. Ultimately, I believe there is only one God, one Consciousness and one Love, of which we are all a part.

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How does this work?

Scheduling a reading is super easy! Just decide on the type of reading you would like and click the link to it. The shopping cart is 100% secure and embedded in the web site by Acuity Scheduling. First choose your time zone, then pick a day and time slot. If desired, you can choose extra time or other features. For live consultations you will be picking the time and date of our meeting. If ordering a PDF emailed report you will choose a date to schedule the delivery. Then you will simply pay via any major credit card or PayPal if you prefer. Our credit card processing is securely handled through Stripe. If you would like a custom reading or require a time or date not listed please contact me. If you encounter any problems with ordering through the shopping cart, you can pay directly through PayPal using this link:

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