Tarot ReadingsGrace’s Tarot Readings

I have been studying tarot for sixteen years and doing readings professionally for two years. I don’t just read the cards, I get into the energy of the client as well as connecting with my guides. I reveal what spirit reveals to me, which will represent how things are manifesting now and guidance on how it can be improved. However, I reveal exactly what I get from spirit, positive or not. Please consider before purchasing a reading whether you are prepared to hear it. You can click here to find out more about me or read some client testimonials. My tarot readings are performed either by recorded video or via live Skype or phone call. The deck and layout used may vary, but will include a minimum amount of cards as indicated in the description for the specific reading purchased. I usually use a deck that is from the Rider Waite tradition. If you prefer a particular deck that you have seen me use on my YouTube channel, please specify that in your order. Please be specific in your question. More than one question can be investigated if time allows, but please specify one main question.

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 Astrology ReadingsGrace’s Astrological Readings & Reports

I have been studying astrology for  sixteen years. You can click here to find out more about me or read some client testimonials.  My astrology consultations and reports are performed either live Skype or phone call, or delivered in PDF format via email. I can also include tarot in the reading in some cases. I give you the synthesis as a reading, not individual aspects that you have to weigh against each other and figure out for yourself.  If you are not used to reading astrological reports, you may want to get a live consultation first, or you can purchase a fifteen minute consultation as an add-on to a written report (this is highly recommended).

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