Poem: Goddess 9

She was primal, child of the earth Her heart beat to the sound of drums Her dreams were lush like the jungle She danced naked […]

Poem: Taurus Moon

Wrapped in simplicity of inner truth Reflecting hearth fire feeding brightly On broken shards of never did become You stood it all, the bull no […]

Poem: Halflight 4

The dust of things long dead fall through the light, Like Faerie flights between the louvered blinds, or, to a duller mind, not so entranced, […]

Poem: Recognition

Did you know I see the world like you? We stare at the crowd like tigers in a cage. Their dead eyes judge us pitiful, […]

Poem: We are One

Consider this… Godmind, waveform creation’s breath one light broken in prism colors each perspective another life Imagine… dreaming, we remain persistent, weave and re-weave patterns unforeseen […]

Poem: Coming home at twilight

Coming home at twilight storm clouds gently hued intrude upon me purple, mauve and blue reflect ego’s bruise Whelming sorrow gathers drops accumulate oblate and […]