About Grace

GraceGrace Lindsay, M.A., astrologer, teacher, certified reiki master

Hello, my name is Grace and I am a teacher, empath, healer and spiritual guide. I have been a spiritual seeker all of my life, studying various religions and philosophies. For nearly two decades I have been working with the tarot, astrology, runes and other forms of spiritual communication. I  began doing readings professionally in 2015.

In addition to tarot and astrology, I like to write, teach, hike, camp, listen to music, enjoy plays and musicals, go out with friends, read, spend time with family and laugh as much as possible :-).  I love Christ but I do not follow any specific religion or hold any moral judgments based on such. My guides have shown me a vision of reality which transcends all religions, creeds and judgments. My general philosophy is that we are all one, and to love one another is to love ourselves. To love ourselves is to love the world.

I was born an empath, but did not fully realize it until after a sudden kundalini energy release in 2000/2001. After that I went through a long, slow period of processing the energy and “ascending” in consciousness, but I was unsure what was happening and I only had my spiritual guides to rely on. It was difficult for me to speak up about my experiences, because I had always been so emotionally vulnerable. An empath can easily absorb the energies of those around them and it is hard sometimes for them to distinguish between their own feelings and those of others. For example, I occasionally take on the physical symptoms of those with illness, and I can take on their anger or depression as well if I do not keep my energy clear. I used to feel frozen around people because of the way they made me feel, or I would wake in the night and cry with great sadness, without any cause. My guides have helped me by showing me how to keep the divine love flowing through me and clearing out the negative influences.

There are classifications for psychic ability, called “clairs”. For those interested, I am primarily claircognizant (clear knowing), and clairaudient (clear hearing), which means I just know things without any obvious outside cause and hear phrases or sounds from my guides. This works well with tarot, so that is my preferred method of divination.  To a smaller degree I do experience clairsentience (feelings in the body) and clairyoyance (seeing energy), but I usually sense rather than see the energy of people, animals and things. I have sometimes experienced telepathy and telekinesis, but I do not read minds. Please don’t think I know what you are thinking, that would only be the case if your higher self wanted me to know. If you are new to the whole psychic thing, don’t worry too much about these classifications. They are not that important, because in my opinion the various “clairs” are just different ways that we process the input from spirit and translate it into our own understanding. We are all divine spirit, and we all have the ability to connect to our spirit guides and angels. Ask and you shall receive :-).

Ideally, we will all listen directly to our own inner guidance and in most cases such things as tarot readings and horoscopes are not really necessary (although they can be useful and fun if not depended on too much). However, sometimes we become lost in our own mental or emotional process and we can benefit from guidance or at least confirmation of our own inner hunches. This is when a psychic or astrological consultation can be helpful. If you would like more information on my services, you can click on this link to go to my testimonials page or read more about the tarot readings and astrological reports I offer. You can also get free general readings on my YouTube channel.

If I could give the seeker only one piece of advice, I would say “Ask, Trust and Receive”. Ask for higher guidance even if you don’t believe in it yet, it will come eagerly to your doorstep. Trust in the divine to guide you on the correct path, even if that path goes against what you were taught to believe is “real”. Receive what you are given, knowing that you are never forced to do or be anything that does not feel right and true.  There is nothing in the universe more important for you than to be the person you were meant to be, and that is still being discovered. If you get lost, remember to listen to your heart and to follow the “golden rule” of treating others as you would like to be treated.

Namaste, blessings and much love to you on your journey.