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4 thoughts on “EXTENDED Weekly Zodiac Readings 1-11-2016

  • E

    I have been listening/watching your youtube readings since Nov of this past year and can honestly tell you that you are a gifted reader/astrologer. There are many tarot readers out there but you are one of the best…..I only take the time to watch you and 2 others…..so many others just seem to “play” reader; you have a genuine gift. I am a female pisces interested in a cancer male…..your most recent reading for 11 Jan indicating a mental/emotional storm is dead on…even while I sleep. the job situation as well, dead on……but I do feel protected. I hope it works out w/this cancer…..I am willing to try and willing to put in the work…but the “cat and mouse” game has been quite tiring and a turn off. Keep up the good work….you are gifted.