Poem: Halflight 2


The dust of things long dead fall through the light,
 Like Faerie flights between the louvered blinds,
 or, to a duller mind, not so entranced,
 wee galaxies of brushed-off matter dance
 around the confines of my mental wall.

(while shadows creep on artful feet...)

I stand here, interjacent, lost between
 what almost was and what could never be.
 I hear the strains of suffocated dreams,
 which swell and fade before the peak is reached.
 What agony to second guess defeat.

(while shadows slide on every side...)

I turn and see it there...some half-lived beast.
 No cheer can chase it, no, not in the least,
 A shadow demon hiding 'neath my face,
 It lies in wait to nullify my aim,
 if I should dare to dream of love again.

(while shadows strike against the light ...)

But I cannot shake off this evil twin,
 for it is me and I am surely him.
 This thing long held in expiation's chains.
 these eyes which gleam from ecstasy of pain,
 an orgy of imagined purity.

(while shadows stalk in mocking parody...)

I shudder, fall to knees, choke back the sounds
 of whispered supplications...no...not now.
 No prayers will send this creature to the pit
 where in the darkness passions burn and spit.
 But I will grasp this monster by its teeth.

(while shadows sleep exhausted in a heap)

Thus, clasping arms about its tangled head,
 I bare my heart to hungry mouth unfed.
 Like mother giving milk I gently tend
 and love it til its twisted limbs unbend
 from something broken growing whole again.

...and darkness makes the cup the light pours in.

Copyright 2003-2015 Grace Lindsay. This is an original work by Grace, if you wish to publish it please contact her.

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